Monday, August 24, 2009

Day at the theater

My friend, Kristen had to run some errands at Macey's this afternoon, so Spike and I decided to tag along. Spike was a perfect little angel. In fact, I'm pretty sure he was probably half asleep while we were out and about. He was easily keeping up with my fast-paced walk, but there seemed to be a laziness about the way he moved. Maybe that's just his way of behaving and being a good little boy, because when we got home, he transformed back into the crazy puppy he usually is. Whatever the reason for the way he was acting, I hope he keeps it up while we are on outings.
Picture of him sitting patiently while Kristen and I sat in the Deli:

Spike in the car while we were waiting for Kristen to come out of her house:

After we were finished at Macey's, we decided to go see a movie at the Cinemark in American Fork. I was kinda nervous about how Spike would do, but went regardless. I made sure he peed and pooped before entering the theater.
I had brought one of Spike's chew toys with us in hopes that he would stay some-what entertained for the duration of "G.I. Joe". When we sat in our seats, he watched the advertisements on the screen. When that got boring (after about 15 seconds) he sprawled out on the floor and passed out almost immediately. However, when the movie actually started, he woke up (probably due to the sound of explosions and gun fire). So I handed him his toy, he chewed on it for a few minutes and passed out again. This process was repeated a few times during the movie. Towards the end, he woke up and showed no interest in his toy. He ended up sitting with his head in my lap for the last 20 minutes of the movie. He was probably begging to go home. Poor boy. But he was being very good, and needless to say, I was very impressed.
(by the way, G.I. Joe wasn't that great of a movie. If I hadn't paid $8.00, I would've left mid-film.. it had great graphics and a potentially good storyline, but it wasn't executed in a way I [or anyone else in the theater, it seemed] would've enjoyed. )

Spike watching the advertisements at the movie theater. (His leash looks all funky because I tried to hook him up to the railing while I ate popcorn.)

I'll end this update with a few photos of Spike waiting for me to get off the computer.


  1. Meade usually acts like he's half asleep when we are on outings, but after a while he doesn't want to keep up with me and he starts lagging behind a bit :/

    I also haven't been brave enough to take Meade to a movie yet!! Good job!

  2. Hi Lauren! My name is Sammy (or Samantha, or Sam) and I'm currently raising Westin, a 6 month old (today!) male yellow lab for Guide Dogs of America. You can find Westin's blog on my page. The link is

  3. Aww what a great job Spike!! He's adorable!!! And I Looove your header!! Way too cute!!