Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weigh in: 14 weeks

I've decided to weigh Clyde every Sunday. I'm curious to see how much weight he gains a week.

Today he turned 14 weeks, and he weighed in at 28lbs. Which means he has gained 3lbs since the 20th. Jeez, he is a huge puppy.

Friday, August 27, 2010

16 Months!

Today is Spike's 16 month day! As far as I know he's still in San Rafael and will be transported to Boring at the beginning of September.

Here is a 4 month old Spike at Antelope Island
And here he is a week before recall at Antelope IslandHe's turned into quite a handsome dog, if I do say so myself. ;)

16 things about Spike:
1. He's a major foot licker. If there's a bare foot near him, he will lick it.
2. He likes to lick/nibble his "thumb" (dew claw).
3. He watches the screen in movie theaters.
4. If you kneel down and talk to him, he'll wag his tail and try to sniff your breath while you talk.
5. He loves to give kisses.
6. Hearing someone say his name is his most favorite thing in the world! Whenever he hears it, his tail wags 100 miles a minute.
7. He is great with little kids.
8. He is always willing to go wherever, whenever.
9. He'll do anything for a piece of ice!
10. He didn't mind my brothers' "abuse". (Making him dance with them, grabbing his tail, etc)
11. Whenever I told him "that's enough" he would immediately drop whatever he had and walk to me with his tail wagging.
12. He'll wag his tail at just about anything. He is an overall happy dog.
13. He was the cutest puppy ever!
14. He is extremely gentle with smaller animals. He acts like my cat is fragile and he's afraid of breaking him.
15. He like to lay all twisted, so his back legs are facing one way and his front legs and head are facing another way. (and he's done it even before I got him)
16. He is a hard worker, he's confident and loves everyone he meets. He'll do whatever he is asked without second thought, and I know he'll make someone a great guide dog if that is what he chooses.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

3 Month Day!

Yesterday was Clyde's 3 month day! I only got him two weeks ago and he's already getting so big. It's not fair! He went to the vet on Friday for his 12 week shots, and he weighed in at 24.5 lbs. I wish I recorded Spike's weight at 12 weeks so I could compare, but I didn't.

He is doing really well. He knows what "sit" means, and he'll do it about 70% of the time (as long as the distractions are at a minimum) He has also mastered waiting for his food. It took him a little longer to get it than it took Spike. By the third meal at home, Spike had it down pat. It took Clyde about a week and a half. But regardless, he gets it now, and is amazing at it. :)
He is also great at "puppy handling". He doesn't ever put up a fuss, he just enjoys the pets and loves. Spike was really stubborn about puppy handling until he was about 4 1/2 months.

Clyde is a little stubborn about his crate, though. He'll bark and bark and bark, and it drives me crazy! But I have found a bedtime routine that prevents his barking. All I have to do is run him up and down the street a couple times, run him up and down the stairs a few million times, then play tug for 10ish minutes. By then, he is too tired to fuss in his crate. It amazes me how much energy this puppy has. When Spike was this age, he couldn't even walk up the street without passing out, and half the time, I ended up carrying him on the way back home. (And by up the street, I mean only like 6 houses up)
He is such a weirdo. He almost never completely lays on his bed when on tie down. He almost always has his head off the bed.
Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:

Here are some photos of him being a cutie on his 3 months day:

I am really enjoying having him, and I'm excited for our year together. :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

I am easily the worst blogger ever. It's been.. since October? Yes. I'm terrible. But I've finally decided to try to get back into it.

I picked up puppy #2 from the truck last Thursday (8/12/10). His name is Clyde and he is a male black Lab. He was born May 23rd to Jay & Noleta.
He got to meet and play with Spike the for a couple days before he was recalled the following Saturday (8/14/10).

Me holding Clyde at the puppy truck.

A close up of Clyde's cute face.

Spike sitting in the grass with a large puppy jacket on.

And here is Clyde with Snickers! Clyde looks so huge next to Snickers, but then again, he IS 4 weeks older.

Here are a few pictures of Spike and Clyde together. :)

Clyde standing up, touching noses with Spike who is laying down in the grass.

Spike laying down in the driveway with Clyde sitting to the right of him. Both of them are smiling ;)

Both Spike and Clyde laying down in the grass. Spike looks like he's falling asleep and naughty Clyde is tasting the leather leash.

It was really hard putting Spike on the puppy truck. I was basically bawling the whole drive to the rendezvous point. But as soon as I actually saw the puppy truck.. I felt almost better. I knew from the moment I got him that I would have to give him back someday, and that day finally caught up with me. I know he's on to bigger and better things and I'm not so sad anymore. I miss him like crazy, but I know he'll do great no matter what. And if he decides he'd rather be a pet, then I'd be more than willing to take him back.

We stopped by WalMart on our way to meet the puppy truck. Here is a side view photo of Spike being a very good boy in WalMart with his GDB vest on.

My brother saying good bye to Spike. He was trying to get him to lick his face. You can tell Spike was thinking about it, because his tongue is sticking out. :)

Spike and I standing in front of the puppy truck. I was trying hold back tears, hence my awkward face.

Spike in his kennel on the puppy truck. Hopped right in, no problem. Such a good boy. I'll miss him greatly.

He was sent to the San Rafael Campus for breeder evaluations, but was removed a couple days later for a hip imperfection. I guess it's not something that would affect his ability to work. So he is getting the "snip-snip" and will be transported to Boring, Oregon for his harness training. He is supposed to start showing up on the phase reports in September.
Wish him luck!

Soon, I'll post some pictures of Spike from the months I have not been blogging. So be watching for those. ;)
I'll also be fixing my blog layout soon. It is so outdated!