DOB: 4/27/09
Recieved: 6/9/09
Recall: 8/14/10 

Nicknames: Booger, Brat, (hey you) Mr. Magoo, Spikers, Spikester, Spikebee, Baby

Spike at Antelope Island at 4 months

Spike at Antelope Island at 15 1/2 months

I picked up little baby "S" from the puppy truck on June 9th, 2009. SPIKE was his name! When I first heard his name, I was honestly a little disappointed it wasn't something more exotic. Spike is such a commonly used name, and I was slightly jealous of Spike's brother's name, Solo. But at the same time, I was SO glad his name wasn't something utterly ridiculous. All in all, I was just happy to have my first little guide dog puppy.

Spike was a WONDERFUL first puppy. I couldn't have asked for better. He was (almost) always completely easy going and calm. However, the first couple months, he rarely wanted to leave our living room, which is where the tie-down is. A couple times, I tried to walk him to get the mail just a couple houses down, and he just absolutely refused to walk forward-- I always ended up carrying him.

He was a very smart puppy and learned the commands very fast. By the time he had gotten his last set of shots and become "legal" he basically knew all the commands, and would do them all 90% of the time when at home.

Spike learned very fast that he needed to behave when his vest was on. He DID occasionally misbehave, or get distracted, or tried to lung at a little kid for some loves.. but that is to be expected. Though, he eventually became much better behaved in public with this vest on than at home.

To be continued...

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