Friday, August 27, 2010

16 Months!

Today is Spike's 16 month day! As far as I know he's still in San Rafael and will be transported to Boring at the beginning of September.

Here is a 4 month old Spike at Antelope Island
And here he is a week before recall at Antelope IslandHe's turned into quite a handsome dog, if I do say so myself. ;)

16 things about Spike:
1. He's a major foot licker. If there's a bare foot near him, he will lick it.
2. He likes to lick/nibble his "thumb" (dew claw).
3. He watches the screen in movie theaters.
4. If you kneel down and talk to him, he'll wag his tail and try to sniff your breath while you talk.
5. He loves to give kisses.
6. Hearing someone say his name is his most favorite thing in the world! Whenever he hears it, his tail wags 100 miles a minute.
7. He is great with little kids.
8. He is always willing to go wherever, whenever.
9. He'll do anything for a piece of ice!
10. He didn't mind my brothers' "abuse". (Making him dance with them, grabbing his tail, etc)
11. Whenever I told him "that's enough" he would immediately drop whatever he had and walk to me with his tail wagging.
12. He'll wag his tail at just about anything. He is an overall happy dog.
13. He was the cutest puppy ever!
14. He is extremely gentle with smaller animals. He acts like my cat is fragile and he's afraid of breaking him.
15. He like to lay all twisted, so his back legs are facing one way and his front legs and head are facing another way. (and he's done it even before I got him)
16. He is a hard worker, he's confident and loves everyone he meets. He'll do whatever he is asked without second thought, and I know he'll make someone a great guide dog if that is what he chooses.

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