Friday, October 16, 2009

Day with the fishes.

Today, my family and I went to the Aquarium! We went to the one in Sandy that just opened up this summer. It was pretty neat. It looked like it was built in an old grocery store building (and it probably was). Spike seemed to enjoy watching the fish swim around.

When you walk into the first room, there is this fake giant frog that Spike was really curious about. He kept pulling on me, wanting to check it out. I made him stand a good 15 ft away from it with me until he settled down. He was just standing there with his tail wagging out of control-- his whole back swaying. He eventually calmed down and I let him check it out. As soon as he realized the frog wasn't real, he found something else he was more interested in. (As you can see by this photo.)
I also TRIED to give Spike a chance to be there without his head collar... however, I put it back on him right after this picture was taken. There were just too many distractions. I'll probably try it again with him at puppy meeting this week. We'll see how he does.

These little fish HELD his attention. He didn't want to take his eyes off them. I eventually had to pull him away. I felt he was becoming a little too fixated. He probably would've sat and watched them for hours.

Here is Spike in a little Canoe display they had.

They have a Stingray petting tank at the Aquarium. The Stingrays seem to like being pet. They would come up and poke their heads and wings out of the water, wanting more loves. The stingrays were so incredibly soft! They felt like velvet underwater. It was amazing.
I had been to a Stingray petting tank before in Colorado, but I don't remember them being as soft as the ones we saw today.
Here is a photo of a Stingray poking it's wing out of the water, wanting more pets from my sister. (You can see me-- in the blue)

After the Aquarium, we went out to eat at Neil's which is some Seafood/fastfood restaurant. It looked pretty cool. I don't like seafood, but I still enjoyed the environment. They had plastic fishing hanging from the ceiling (which was painted like rippling water). It felt like we were under water.
On the bathroom doors, they had a big picture of Nemo from Finding Nemo. I wanted to take a decent picture of Spike by it, but he was rebelling. I placed him in front of the door, and he stared at the floor and wouldn't look up. No matter how many times I screamed or squealed his name, he refused to look at the camera. What a little turd. So here is what I got.

Here is Spike waiting patiently while we ate. I don't know why, but he reminds me of Meade in this photo...

And here is Spike with the Neil's rug.

Oh, and here's Spike and a rainbow.

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