Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nursery Dog

My mom was recently called to teach (coughbabysitcough) nursery at church. She needed help today, so Spike and I went to her class.
It took Spike a little bit to settle with the little kids squealing and playing around. But once he DID settle, he was amazing! When it was time for the kiddies to play with the toys, he just laid there and watched them. A lot of the toys made sounds, and I think that's what kept Spike interested.
At one point, one of the little boys discovered that Spike's nose was wet and cold. He kept poking it and touching it and continually shrieked "It's cold!". I was amazed that Spike just sat calmly while his nose was being prodded by little fingers. He usually gets all worked up and excited when little kids come near him.


  1. Good boy Spike for behaving yourself around all those little kids! Its so nice to have a dog that'll settle when needed. Don and I just returned from church- his "church manners" can be a bit lacking at times :)

  2. Great job Spike!!!!!! Defiantly a great exposure for him!