Friday, October 9, 2009

Hotels (or Motels) for guide dogs?

I am going to be visiting my friend at Fort Huachuca, Arizona at either the end of this month or the beginning of next month. I'm getting a ride with his parents and they said they don't mind if Spike tags along.
We will be staying in one or two different hotels/motels (not sure which one(s) yet) however, I don't know if the companies will allow him into their rooms.
Have any of you taken your PITs into hotel/motel rooms? Were there any issues?


  1. My last two both went to Hotels, though we never let the hotel know ahead of time that we were there, but we never had any trouble

  2. I have never had any trouble having PIT in hotel rooms. Like Erin, I have never asked ahead of time, just had a backup plan if they freaked out. Just make sure that you have Spikes Guide Dog vest and ID card. And if he still barks or whines in his crate have him sleep on tie down. I know of some puppysitters get in trouble for having a whining puppy! Okay, that whining puppy was Gabrina :p.

  3. We called ahead of time to ask, and they said that they only allowed working guides. I'd looked at reviews of the inn ahead of time, and the majority said the staff was very strict, inconsiderate, and very anti-dog. I think it really depends on the hotel/motel. I always seem to have better luck when I just show up with the dog- over the phone, the hotel probably didn't understand what a puppy in training was.