Friday, September 11, 2009

"Down" and other cute stuff.

Spike was introduced to the "Down" command a couple weeks ago. Yesterday he did it without being manhandled and he has been doing so about 80% of the time (with little to no distractions) since then. He seems to like doing it.

Spike never liked his Nylabone until Meade broke it in for him. I was amazed to see him actually using it.

Spike loves to be under my bed. He will often crawl under there and fall asleep. He will usually take a couple of his toys with him and leave them there. This is Spike getting his toy out from under the bed. It's probably hard to see. Sorry!


  1. Aww. . . he is so cute. I love his down, it cracked me up. I remember teaching my little nutter down. He was pretty funny too. :D

  2. Oh he was so cute!
    What a silly puppy. :]