Saturday, September 19, 2009

Long, long day.

Today was a long, tiring day both for me and Spike. We went to both of my little brothers' football games. We sat through a good 5 hours of football altogether.

The first game was over in Alpine. The game itself was 1 1/2 hours long, but Justus, my brother had to be there an hour early to warm up. So we were there in the hot sun for about 2 1/2 hours.

The second game was at Juan Diego High School. Like Justus, my other brother Shea also had to be an hour early to warm up. Then the game was about another hour and a half. 5 hours total.
During the game, we were sitting on bleachers. It was so hot! We ended up bringing a towel for Spike to sit on so he didn't burn his little paws. The temperature outside wasn't too bad, but as soon as you got to the bleachers, you have all this sun reflecting onto you, and it was torture! I kept giving Spike water every ten minutes or so, and I drenched him in water a couple times to help cool him down. It was ridiculous.

On the upside, I got a little bit of a tan and I now have a flip-flop tan line.

After the games, we headed to The Pie Pizzeria for lunch/dinner. It was Spike's first sit-down restaurant outing and he did wonderful! He slept the whole time. Poor guy, he was so tired from all the heat.
We unfortunately forgot to bring the camera, so I ended up taking the above picture with my cell phone.

I actually just found these pictures of me and Liberty. I don't remember them at all. These were taken about a month before my parents sold her. This photo was taken just up the street from where I live. My horse was boarded in Lindon at the time, and I would make this 20ish mile round-trip from Lindon to my house a couple times a year. I would usually pack a lunch and some water bottles and eat while riding. It was just me and my horse (and occasionally my Aussie, Shelby). I would ride along the canal, and it was always my favorite ride. You can see my Aussie in the photos.

I miss those days.


  1. Spike's such a handsome boy! Don (also a GDB puppy in training) is only a couple days younger than Spike and looks identical- they both have very dark coats :D

  2. Don is adorable!! Yes, I am loving Spike's dark coat. I think it is such a beautiful color. :]