Saturday, September 26, 2009

Walk to cure Diabetes

Today, Spike and I attended "A Walk to Cure Diabetes" this morning, which was hosted by The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). I only found out about it yesterday and managed to get $165 in donations. Not bad for such late notice.
When we arrived at Scera Park, there were TONS of people, games, free drinks, doughnuts etc. We even saw Grizzbee the Grizzly (Mascot for Utah's Hockey Team; The Grizzlies)
David Osmond sang the National Anthem! It was pretty neat. I wanted to take a picture, but the camera I brought was spazzing out. I brought my cheap-o kodak digital camera because it is small and easier to carry. But the thing died after about 12 pictures ON A FULL CHARGE. Not happy-making.

They had a "warm-up" where they had everyone do the Chicken Dance, the Macarena, and the "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" Dance. I was going to do the dances with everyone, but the loud music and all the people dancing around seemed to confuse Spike. He was looking around wondering what was going on. So I sat on a chair, being his "Calm in a storm".

Grizzbee and a volunteer doing the Chicken Dance.

Spike wondering what is going on.

Spike did really well on the walk. We walked along State Street, which was a good experience for him. It was his first time walking on a busy street like that and he did wonderfully.

Here is Spike with the shirt I got!

Overall, we had a really good time. I would like to do it again next year!

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