Friday, September 3, 2010

Ornery puppy

Clyde has been extremely ornery since he lost those four teeth. I can't blame him; his gums are very red and look painful. I've been giving him a lot of ice and tried freezing his Kong. They seem to help while he's using them, but as soon as he's eaten all the ice, or the Kong is no longer cold, he becomes aggravated. I don't remember Spike acting like this when he was teething.
Does anyone have any special tricks for teething puppies? Anything that'll help ease the pain a bit?

And yes, I changed my title image. It just didn't feel right not having Spike in it. :)

Oh, And here is a picture of Clyde with his sister, Casey. This picture cracks me up because Clyde is trying to play and Casey does not look amused.
It was taken with my phone, so it's not great quality.


  1. My favorite teething trick: Get a few old washcloths all wet, then twist and tie each one in a knot and place them in the freezer. When they're nice and frozen, give to puppy (of course -- he'll need supervision just so he doesn't actually chew off chunks and swallow them...but at this age I haven't had that problem). I've had really good luck with that. Something about the cold terry texture they just love. Hope Clyde feels more like himself again soon!

  2. I love your new header! It looks great! :) I don't really have any tips for a teething puppy, GDB is kinda limiting. You might want to try the soft nylabone or a fleece toy. Good Luck!

  3. I love the name Clyde! I'm partial to the black lab, since that's what my first was. Clyde is so adorable, and a big boy!!

    You could try some teething puppy bones, or the teething blanket. I don't know what GDB's rules are though...Hope he's feeling better soon!