Thursday, September 2, 2010


Yesterday, Clyde lost all four of his front teeth. I woke up, and after I fed him, I noticed his two bottom were missing. A couple hours later, I was showing my friend his missing teeth, and his two top teeth were gone, also!He's been pretty ornery since then, so I filled a couple water bottles and froze them overnight and he seemed to really enjoy chewing on it.

On Monday, our group was invited to go to a free "Beatles" concert (although, only three pups showed up). It was pretty cool. They were a tribute band, and they looked and sounded very, very similar to the original Beatles. Though, it was kinda hard to enjoy it when Clyde was trying to go after Sugar and Christina the whole time! haha.
Here are some pictures of him with the Beatles impersonators in the background.

And here he is afterward; once again, only half way on the bed.Ignore the devil eyes. :(

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