Thursday, September 16, 2010

Still in phase 0?

Spike is still in phase 0, and HAS been for 3 weeks now.. anyone know any reason it would take this long for him to move up to phase 1? Or is it like Stephanie guessed.. maybe the Oregon campus is delayed in updating the phase reports?
Either way, it's making me nervous, and slightly aggravated.


  1. I feel your fustration Lauren. Three weeks in phase zero, really? A friend of mine who is a trainer on the SR campus told me tonight that a lot of this might have to do with logistics. For example, they might have been put on the puppy truck on the date they were in order to get a ride to Oregon. Meaning, they might not have been technically placed in a training string right away, but needed to get to Oregon somehow (that would explain why all the dogs on that went to Oregon are in the same boat). I hope that helps a little, but I know it really doesn't. Hang in there with me!

  2. Betsy is still in phase 0 too!! And the worst one (not my leader or CFR) know if she is in CA or OR! I;m ready to drive out there and see what they are doing with my baby girl! haha

  3. I'm so glad you started blogging again!! I LOVE your blog heading- it looks really great. I'm looking forward to reading about Clyde (that is the best name!)

  4. I could have sworn I saw Betsy on the Oregon campus list. I'm going up tomorrow and I'll check the list for both Spike and Betsy.