Saturday, September 25, 2010

School and puppy meeting

On Wednesday morning (9/22/10) Clyde and I went with a fellow raiser to her daughter's Junior High for a little presentation about Guide Dogs and puppy raising. We only had Kyle (who was borrowed), Christina and Clyde there, and there were about 40 kids.
After we talked about all the general stuff about puppy raising, we spit into groups where we let the kids pet and ask questions about the puppies.
One girl asked if we could play fetch with the puppies. I said "No" and explained that when they are working guide dogs, they can't be tempted to chase a ball they might see while they are working. So I took out the tug toy from my bag, and showed them how to play. I ended up letting each kid play tug with Clyde for a few seconds, having them tell him "That's enough" when their turn was up (Clyde actually dropped it about 80% of the time, I was quite amazed).
Clyde did really well overall. He was really distracted when people were trying to pet him, but after I told the kids not to pet him, he did great. I'm tempted to print out and laminate a sign that says "PLEASE DON'T PET" and pin it onto Clyde's vest. It's annoying and rude when people pet him without asking (which is about 80% of the time, unfortunately).
I sadly did not get any pictures of Clyde in the school, but here is a picture of me and Clyde in front of the school after the presentation.

On the same day, a few hours later, we had puppy meeting at Home Depot. We started off by walking them around the parking lot, walking them over a few grates, etc. We traded puppies, I had Julimae, and went inside. We walked by and around various people, ladders, carts, power tools, lights, plants, etc. Home Depot is a great place for them to experience new sights and smells.
At the end of the meeting, we sat in a circle in Home Depot and chatted a bit about our puppies and what they have been up to.

Clyde enjoyed himself. :)

And finally, here is a picture of Clyde on the bed I made for him with some of his toys. He looks so spoiled in this photo.

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