Monday, September 20, 2010

Play day!

Because Clyde has been so good this last week, I decided to take him on a relaxing outing up the canyon. We went on a short walk around a reservoir, waded in the water and watched the ducks.

Here is Clyde with the reservoir behind him.

Down closer to the water.

Wading in the water.

After our trip to the reservoir, I got a call from my friend, asking if I would like to bring Clyde over to her house to let our pups play.
I said" heck yes!" and immediately drove over.

She has a 6 month old Lab named Cooper, who is the same color as Spike, and every time I saw him from the corner of my eye, I thought he WAS Spike. It was weird. :)
She also has a 7 year old Jack Russell named Eddie, and a 6 month old Yorkie named Joey.

When we arrived, we did not get such a friendly greeting from her dogs. They were all growling and were not happy to see us. My friend was in shock, and said they had some other friends' dogs over earlier and they were just fine. So for the first half hour or so, I held Clyde in my lap while the other dogs investigated him.
Eventually my friend put her Yorkie and Jack Russell in the house, and held onto her Lab while we let Clyde run around on his own.

It seemed that since the two small dogs were in the house, Cooper warmed up to Clyde easier, and was friendly enough to let the two of them run around together. They had a blast!

After another 30 minutes, we decided to see if the two small dogs would accept him, now that Cooper had. And.. just like magic, they did. Joey the Yorkie really started to love Clyde, while Eddie the Jack Russell just tolerated him.

Here are a few pictures of them playing together.

Cooper stole Clyde's nylabone! Rude!

Clyde and Joey became best friends! The last hour or so I was there, they were inseparable, and I hated taking Clyde away from his new friend.

Here are Clyde, Eddie and Cooper.

They were beginning to tire out, and kept laying down together, then after a quick breather, one of them would pounce up and they would starting running around again. Clyde is about to jump up in this photo.

And here is Joey jumping up after a short break. I love how you can see the surprise on Clyde's face.

Joey wanting Clyde to keep playing. :)

It has been a really fun day, and Clyde is totally worn out, and has been sleeping since we got home.
I hope we can get our pups together again sometime soon!

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  1. Clyde has been doing a LOT of growing! He must have been tired after such a fun filled day- getting to go swimming and a playdate. Lucky boy! That's great that they all got along with each other.